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  • Current situation analysis and expectation of titanium dioxide at the beginning of the year

    European titanium market: The mainstream quotation in the European titanium market has remained stable, and transactions are still relatively cold. Recently, it has continued to be in a weak consolidation state. According to a report on European Strategic Small Metals, the price of sponge titanium in Europe remains unchanged: 10.3-11 US dollars per kilogram; The quotation for high titanium iron in Europe is temporarily stable at $7-7.5 per kilogram, and some traders have indicated that there is still room for a downward trend in the future.

  • European chlorination titanium dioxide supply shortage time delay

    Titanium dioxide related people said that due to weak demand and oversupply, the price of titanium dioxide in Europe was reduced by 50 euros/ton.

  • Titanium dioxide Drops Down and Deals Are Common

    CIC Advisor Reminder: The cumulative increase in the past two weeks is 0.3 US dollars per kilogram of titanium, equivalent to approximately 1900 RMB per ton. Given the overall weak global economic situation, businesses are cautious about this move and have expressed a lack of judgment on the long-term market, hoping to seize short-term operational opportunities.

  • International giants raise the price of titanium dioxide again. The domestic market is expected to follow the trend

    DuPont, a global titanium dioxide giant, recently announced that it will raise the price of products in the global market by about US $100 per ton from October 1. In May this year, DuPont announced that it would raise the price of titanium dioxide by about $200 per ton since July 1. Another titanium dioxide giant, Connors, also raised the price in June by about $250 per ton. Frequent price hikes by overseas giants may have a cumulative effect and trigger resonance in the domestic market.