European chlorination titanium dioxide supply shortage time delay

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Titanium dioxide related people said that due to weak demand and oversupply, the price of titanium dioxide in Europe was reduced by 50 euros/ton.

The supplier's initial declaration of a price increase of 200 to 250 euros per ton was rejected. If the seller increases the price too firmly, they will lose their customers because in an environment of oversupply, buyers can change suppliers at any time.

The above prices represent prices provided by Western European suppliers. In Eastern Europe, the product price ranges from 1950 to 2200 euros per ton DDP. The low-end prices are taken from Slovenia and Ukraine, while the high-end prices are taken from Poland. Some people believe that prices have already bottomed out, and due to the insistence of the supply side, the possibility of a further decline in prices is unlikely.

Sulfuric acid titanium dioxide is still in sufficient supply. It is understood that chlorination titanium dioxide in Western Europe is in short supply, and the time from order to delivery is extended from two weeks to four weeks. There are currently no device issues and the production capacity is normal.

Titanium dioxide prices will improve in the third quarter, but the degree of improvement still needs to be expected. In the first quarter, sales were better than expected, but the selling price was really too low.

The demand in southern Europe is particularly poor, as the region faces macroeconomic recession and the threat of the European debt crisis.

A distributor in Romania stated that the price of their bulk cargo is between 2000-2100 euros per ton of DDP. For small orders of around 2-3 tons, the price is between 2300-2350 euros per ton.

This week's European valuation was lowered to 2350-2500 euros/ton (FD Europe)