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LOMON ® R-996

Product Description:

LOMON ® R-996 pigment is a sulfuric acid rutile titanium dioxide with inorganic surface treatment of zirconia and alumina. This is a high weather resistant universal pigment with a wide range of applications.

At LOMON ® R-996 strictly controls the particle size of titanium dioxide in the production process, so that the product has the characteristics of high gloss, high brightness, high coverage and easy dispersion.

Main features:

-High weather resistance

-High hiding power

-Good glossiness and brightness

-Outstanding dispersion

Application scope:

-Industrial coatings

-Powder coating

-Indoor and outdoor architectural coatings

Technical indicators:


*Tested within 48 hours of production

The data included in typical performance is not a technical standard. The information in this data sheet is only a general guide on the performance of the products described in this table. Nothing in this data sheet shall be deemed a guarantee, express or other form of commitment. In any case, it is the responsibility of the user to determine the applicability of the information and recommendations, as well as the product suitability described for their specific purpose.


Good industrial hygiene practices should be applied and dust should be avoided. If you need more product application information, please refer to the safety manual.


This product should not be stored outdoors or exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to use the product on a first in, first out basis after receiving the goods.

Contact with food

The customer should contact Longmang Bailian Group to confirm the specific regulations that need to be followed.


The titanium dioxide provided by Long Mang Bailian Group has 25kg bags and a series of flexible medium bulk containers.