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Dawn 2195

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R-2195 universal product

Product Introduction:

Product features: R-2195 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment with inorganic surface treatment and organic surface treatment, which has the characteristics of high whiteness, high hiding power, high achromatic power, high weather resistance, easy dispersion, etc.

Application field: R-2195 is a universal product widely used in industries such as coatings, ink, profiles, color masterbatch, and papermaking.

Typical physical indicatorsAI₂O₃(%)SiO₂(%)ZrO(%)P₂O₃(%)Bulk density(g/cm3)Organic treatment agent
L(oil phase)TiO2 mass fractionparticle sizeoil absorptionPH(6-9)resistivity
application performanceArchitectural paintSolvent based - IndoorSolvent type - outdoorIndustrial paintAutomotive Paint - PrimerCoil steel paint
Waterborne - IndoorWaterborne - OutdoorPrinting iron inkRoad marking paint
PlasticPVC profilespowder coatingprinting inkBottom ink (high PVC concentration)

Color masterbatch
papermakingDecorative laminated paper

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