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NR950 rutile titanium dioxide (universal)

Universal products are one of the main products. Imported sand mill is used for wet grinding, with good particle size distribution; The surface treatment of dense inorganic coating with silica and alumina has superior pigment properties.

main features

Excellent whiteness and glossiness

Excellent color fading and covering power

High weather resistance, heat resistance, and light resistance

Widely used in various fields

Standard No.: Q/3201 NTH03-2011 (refer to GB/T1706-2006)

technical requirement

Project indicator TiO2 mass fraction,% 92.0105 ℃ volatile matter,% 0.5 water-soluble matter,% 0.3 sieve residue (45 μ m) ,% 0.05 color L * 95.0 scattering force,% 100 water suspension PH value 6.0-8.5 oil absorption, g/100g23 water extract resistivity, Ω · m50 rutile crystal content,% 98

Applicable scope

Suitable for plastic products such as PVC pipe profiles, coatings, paper making, ink, color masterbatch, etc.