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WA200 sharp titanium dioxide (paint type)

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Product features:

Adopting advanced surface treatment technology, the product has good compatibility and dispersibility with plastics, and has characteristics such as low oil absorption, high fading power, and good whiteness. It is one of our company's distinctive products.

Product use: WA-200 titanium dioxide is suitable for color masterbatch and plastic industries, as well as printing ink, special coating, papermaking and other industries with higher requirements.

Mass fraction of TiO2,%>98.0
Volatile matter at 105 ℃,%<0.4
Water soluble matter,%<0.4
Sieve residue(45μm),%<0.03
Scattering force,%>110
Water suspension pH6.5-8.0
Oil absorption,g/100g<22
Water extraction liquid resistivity Ω·m>30