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WJR366 rutile titanium dioxide (general)

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Using zirconia and alumina as composite inorganic coatings, and using special organic treatment agents for surface modification, it has excellent whiteness and is easy to disperse; At the same time, it has hydrophilic and lipophilic functions, and is suitable for most application fields. It is a multifunctional and universal rutile titanium dioxide; It can be widely used in fields such as coatings, plastics, inks, papermaking, etc.

Product features:

Excellent whiteness, excellent fading and covering power

Excellent dispersibility in both water-based and oil-based systems

It has high weather resistance, heat resistance, and light resistance, and is widely used in various fields

Product Usage:

Decorative paint (for indoor and outdoor use), powder paint, coil steel paint, general industrial paint, plastic, paper, rubber, leather and other fields, ink


Mass fraction of TiO2,%>92.0
Volatile matter at 105 ℃,%<0.5
Water soluble matter,%


Sieve residue(45μm),%<0.05
Scattering force,%>100
Water suspension pH6.0-8.5
Oil absorption,g/100g<23
Water extraction liquid resistivity Ω·m>50
Rutile crystal form content,%>98
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